Truths about being a Mama

On the same lines of being a mom is tough …

Being a mama is SO rewarding!

Back in March our oldest child and only daughter asked Jesus into her heart! It is so rewarding to see your children come to know Jesus as their Savior! To see them blossom into believers who have a faith all their own is so sweet!

We have family dinners together every night, and right now our kids are young so we are all together. We play this “game” of sorts called Hi Lo, we all go around the table and say our high part of the day and our low part of the day. Our 3yr old always says the same thing, and it is hilarious, in his cute 3yr old speech he says “my high part of day waaaaaaaaas, I fall on wock, I pee in unerwares, YOU TURN DADDY” . I love how sweet it is when they learn to have conversations and the silly things they say. How sweet it is to be part of this plan for their lives.

Today is our 3yr olds birthday (he is 3 today!) and this morning I said, “do you know what today is?!” he excitedly replied, “it your birthday, happy birthday mommy”. I laughed, and told him, no silly it’s your birthday. He could care less! But I thought back on 3 years ago today when I was bringing him forth in a “painful childbearing” and HOW SWEET that was. To become his mama, The Lord chose me!

Think we often forget that The Lord CHOSE you to be your sweet little peoples (or big peoples) mama! In all the craziness and business of parenting and activities and school, it is so easy to forget the blessing and sweetness of being their Mama! When we are down on ourselves I think if we would reflect on these simple truths:

We were chosen to be the mama to these sweet children (young and old).

You are the greatest mama they know. (I often tell my kiddos they are my favorite “insert kids name”) Everyone deserves to be someones favorite person!

God will sustain you! The Lord doesn’t gives us a trial that he won’t walk through with us and guide us along. I do think he will give us more than we can handle, but he will show us how to get through, on the other side we realize WITH GOD we can handle it.

You are the closest thing on this side of heaven your children will ever know of God’s love! I have heard it said many times that a Mother’s love for her children and vice versa is as close a replica of God’s love for us we can get this side of heaven. I FIRMLY believe it! My husband loves our children, but a mother’s love is just different!

Being a Mom is tough : then God

P31 OBS Blog Hop

I became a Mom the moment I saw a positive on the pregnancy test at 18. Granted I was wicked sick and that probably helped the whole nurturing, caring stuff kick in. I grew up saying I didn’t want kids, I was never having kids! WELL! Here I am at 27 with 5, Isabella 7, Isaia 6, Ian 4, Imrey 2, and Max 9 months! Can you believe that?! It’s amazing what God can do in our hearts when we hand over our life to him. I’ve been married to my wonderful supportive, husband Salvador for 8 years.

This study has kicked my behind and blessed me all in the same paragraph! I am really enjoying it thus far and I’ve only completed the study work for Chapter 2.

I embraced my calling to being a Mama WHOLE HEARTEDLY! I have never looked back, but man have I been thrown some challenges! The Lord is using this study to reveal to me where he wants me to be as a Mama. I know there are changes I’d like to make in my life, and the encouragement from this study and the women participating is amazing!

I look forward to “meeting” some of you Mamas!

Be Blessed!


Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies

It’s 2014 Y’all!

Vilardo-38It’s been 2014 for awhile now, but we are all just now remembering that when we write the date on anything. Don’t lie! You know you have to stop and think about it each time!

We had a baby, it’s a boy!
*Does anyone else remember when 1-800-Collect had commercials? A few years back there was one where the guy is using a pay phone to call his parents and he says “It’sBob Wehadababyitsaboy” *

Max was born in September(24). We are adjusting … slowly but surely to this new normal of 5 kids.

Isabella started 2nd grade in August and is doing well, if she could just focus on her work and not her friends.

Isaia started Kindergarten! I can’t believe it. He does well at school, and really enjoys it.

Ian is going to a preschool program at our church 3 days a week, and will start K in the fall. It’s hard to believe he is old enough for that. He does well at preschool and they think he is ready for K in the fall.

Imrey is a crazy all boy 2 1/2 yr old. He loves his new baby brother and is talking more and more as each day passes. He is potty trained THANK YOU LORD for a willing toddler! It is nice to only have 1 kid in diapers!

Max is 5 months old and he is a wonderful addition to our family! We joke that he thinks he is a first baby. He likes to be held and doesn’t like to be put down. Much like big brother Imrey he is a daddy’s boy.

Sal is still working nights with the same company, we are still praying he will get a position on day shift sooner rather than later.

We moved to new Seminary housing over the summer, and I am finding Seminary a lot more enjoyable now! There are a lot more kids in this housing and the kids are able to go outside and play and ride bikes. We have also made friends with people who live in the building (we are on one end of a townhouse unit, there are 3 other homes). I stepped back from the Women’s courses offered at the Seminary for now, I hope to take them back up before we head out to plant Gods church!

That’s all I’ve got for now!

I’m sorry … here’s an update !!

OH MY! So my goal of blogging more has FAILED! Well, I failed rather, the blog hasn’t failed. Here’s why … 

I had a secret to keep, and I wanted to spill my sweet secret but not until it was time! So if you are on facebook and follow either Sal or I there, you already know the sweet secret. We are having another baby. We waited to tell our friends and family until around 10 weeks. Since then, I haven’t blogged because it takes all I have to get out of bed each day and care for our other little ones. This pregnancy already has been awful, while I am so blessed to be growing yet another sweet baby it’s hard work! 

AN UPDATE: Aside from a baby not much has changed. Sal is still working nights and we are just adjusting to that. I am trying to get our place in order STILL, we got rid of quite a bit of stuff when we moved here, but I’m not sure it is possible to imagine the space difference in 2100sq ft. and 1000sq ft. until you are living in it. I’m still in process of downsizing everything and trying to make our home more live-able.

I think I am going to take the inspiration from another blogger friend and label out days to help me know what to blog about on what days, and add photos 😉 so much more fun that way right?

Monday – Monday Make up – Make up for not posting over the weekend by telling you about our weekend 🙂

Thankful Tuesdays – What I am thankful for! I often find myself forgetting to be thankful for what I have and complain WAY to much about what we don’t have! I need to change that!

Wordless Wednesdays – It’s a cop out I know haha, a photo 🙂

Time to Plan Thursdays – Meal plans!!!! WOO HOO This is way more for me than you guys, but maybe it will help some of you that are stuck in dinner ruts to break out 🙂

Fabulous Fridays – All things fabulous! It will be cool I promise.  

*On that note I need to go to bed because I stay up way to late and regret it come 7:30AM*


WOO HOO! I’m 26 today! (I kind of feel old, I only have four more years left in my 20’s) AHHH!!! 

Today has been wonderful! Woke up, had my quiet time with the Lord. Cleaned the house a little bit and had a nice fun family morning out. We went to this place called Triangle Town Center (it’s a mall kind of thing). Had lunch and bought a book. I think we might go out this weekend to another mall to walk around and browse. We went there around Christmas time but it was just CRAZY! So, maybe this weekend it won’t be so bad. 

Sal and I sat down last weekend and came up with some goals for our family for the year. One of those goals is paying off some debts, and then of course savings for a number of different things. So our plan has been enacted, now sticking to it will be the hard part. 

Yesterday I met up with my best friend, and said “See Ya Later” her sweet family is moving, her husband is in the Air Force and they will be stationed overseas for the next 3 years. It was rough! I am going to miss her soooo very much. We both cried like big babies, it was a mess! Saying see ya later is so much better than goodbye! We will keep in touch via Skype! 

*Job Front- Sal has a few interviews lined up for the coming week, and has had a few phone interviews (first steps) this week and so far so good, we have a few prospects lined up. We are praying HARD for a daytime position for Sal. 

Church – We have been going to a church that we are calling home for a few months now and we like it. We are having a rough time getting connected, they have small groups, but they are all on weeknights, and the one we were looking to go to has childcare, but it’s a Wednesday night. We are having a really difficult time finding a group that has childcare, and that meets on the weekend. Because OF COURSE everyone spends family time on the weekends (not weekday mornings like we do). A job change would mean way more than daddy being home at night, but would also open up so many opportunities for us to become more involved at our church attend more informational sessions and really start getting connected to their church planting team. 

Your support – The cards, emails, facebook messages, and notes are so encouraging and mean so very much to us. Moving up here was never thought to be easy, but I don’t think we thought it would be this hard. We know we are doing the right thing, your prayers and support mean the world to us. We are SO ready to Serve our Lord, to plant His church and reach the lost people in whatever city, or country God leads us to. 

Praying for us now – Please continue to pray for Sal’s job, we are asking for prayer as we are both taking 3 courses this semester (for Sal this means 3 mornings a week, and one weekend this semester), for me this means 6 Saturdays from 8am-5pm through the semester. Prayers for the team of people that will join us in a church plant, we don’t know who they are or where they are, but we know God has a team already in place, HE knows, we ask that you pray for that team along with us. AND – Pray for us! As a family, and as a couple. We miss our family, and our friends back home so very much, we miss our home church.

Can we make that blog, ONCE a week?

Haha, I would love to blog 3 times a week, I just can’t seem to get my act together and sit down and do it. Either way I am going to set a more realistic goal for myself and say once a week I’d like to sit down and update all of you on the going’s on around here. 

Homeschooling is off to a great start, we are learning when we need to start school, and what we need to start with. When taking a break is needed and when she needs to push through. Reading has always been a strong suite so that is a subject that she flies through the daily lesson. She reads the 4 pages in just a few minutes. We have her on the “highest” reading group, and she has only had an issues with a few words so far, and we are about a 3rd of the way through. 

Sal and I start classes today. My classes are held over 2 Saturdays through the semester, so 6 Saturdays in all for me. Sal has one hybrid, and two on campus classes. He started back to class this morning poor guy (we were still asleep when he left as we have all been sleeping until about 7:45 most days), he left here at 7:00. I think Sal is most excited about this semester he is taking a few classes on how to preach a sermon and is really excited to learn! Last semester was rough for him, he took Hebrew, Old Testament 1, and Baptist History, easily 3 of the most BORING and difficult classes.

JOB FRONT: We are still praying for Sal to find a job where he is no longer contract and that is days. It would be great if it were closer to home as well. Right now his commute is an hour each way, making his 8 hour work day a 10 hour work day. He applied to the Starbucks that is close to the house, it would be a great position and we already know the benefits there are AMAZING! We are feeling pretty desperate for him to find something. His job now was a blessing, and still is, we need more stability though. 

Please continue to pray for Sal and the job situation, and the kids and I as we are still transitioning to homeschooling with Isabella (the boys participate with Bible each day). Please also continue to pray for our family as we do what God has called us to here and in our next chapter after Seminary. 

We are …..

Homeschooling Isabella! I know I probably had most of you freaked out thinking I was announcing a pregnancy 😉 !

We have struggled with should we homeschool or shouldn’t we homeschool for awhile. Most of the families here in Seminary housing homeschool (or it seems that way because there are always kids running around outside). We made the decision to homeschool her after the tragedy in CT. Not because of it, but it did help us along.

She is using the Abeka cirriculum (streaming) it is super cool. She has a teacher that “teaches” her lessons, and there is supplemental stuff we do like write certain things on the “board” or what have you. Her books arrived last week! We are pretty excited, each day there is confirmation we are doing the right thing, as she does the lessons and we can tell she is challenged by the material she is learning.

We are going to get her enrolled in Ballet at the community center and the boys in soccer (again). Sal and I start classes next Tuesday! We are both really looking forward to this semester, we are both taking 3 classes. His are a lot more fun than mine. haha! I’m still working through the basics, he is getting into some more detailed church planting and preaching courses. He is really excited about that.

*We are still asking for prayers about Sal finding a daytime position.

GOD, are you there? It’s me Jess!

I know what a cute title right? I want to get Isabella that book when she is older, but thats not what this is about.
This is about me being frustrated with God, eh and myself! Seminary is hard! Like really hard, you would think it would be all Jesus all the time right? NOT THE CASE! It is so spiritually dry. I thought I would LOVE living in seminary housing, again not the case! I thought there would be this great community of Mom’s and other families to get to know and walk with through this seminary journey, NOT THE CASE!
Don’t get me wrong I’ve made a friend or two, but we aren’t involved in our church yet, we are trying, but all the super cool fun events like family worship night are just that at night and on Friday not Saturday or Sunday when we can go worship as a family. SO this is my shout out to the big Man upstairs! GOD, do you hear me? We are really desperately praying for Sal to get a daytime job. We are DESPERATE to get involved in our church, and start to develop relationships there. I can not begin to tell you how many conversations Sal and I have had about quitting seminary and just going through a Church Plant program at our church. It seems so much better than this DRY ROUGH time we are having right now.

BUT: We know God has a plan for us here, we are trying to remember that God is not surprised by any of these circumstances, that we need to rely fully on him and his provisions to get through. We need to keep pressing forward, growing and learning as we move closer to our calling in Him.

Friends and Family: Please pray for Sal to find a day job, quickly. The deadline for classes is QUICKLY approaching, and once classes start he only has so much time to change his schedule before we are locked in a nights position for another semester. Please pray that we would find community here and at our church. Just keep us in your prayers if you can.

Thank You!